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Lanny Forrester Is An Voracious Reader

Lanny ForresterBesides taking an active interest in many diversified activities, Lanny Forrester is an active reader. And in his spare time recently he read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and was absolutely enthralled. Perhaps because Lanny Forrester is so busy with his work, he is always looking for new and adventurous ways to relax. Golf, for example, allows him to wind down after a difficult week and socialize in a peaceful environment. In his spare time he combs the web and peruses golf handbooks to find the latest tips and strategies from pro golfers around the world. The idea of exploring a new golf course is especially exciting for Lanny Forrester because it allows him to discover something new in a traditional game.


When Lanny Forrester is not busy with work, reading, golfing, or going to live NFL games, you might find him driving his motorcycle throughout the US. A long trip through the heartland on his bike is the perfect relaxing activity. In his experience riding motorcycles, he has visited the West, the South, and the Midwest. There is nothing more exhilarating than the open road, and watching the subtle changes in the landscape is one of life’s little joys.


Lanny Forrester is a voracious reader and finds himself devouring one great read after the next. Nothing compares to becoming a part of some distant world for a couple of hours, and nothing brings Lanny Forrester there better than a captivating book. It would be difficult to place Lanny Forrester into one specific category, and there is no reason to try. A perfect mix of work, relaxation, and play help create a harmonious and balanced life, and striking this balance has always come effortlessly for him. It would be easy to call Mr. Lanny Forrester a dilettante of sorts, but all of his interests come from a genuine passion for learning.
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